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What does is…

Creating and Providing 3D modeling images to Customers.


Visualization and rendering
Escape CAD and get actual renderings
to experience photo-realistic product images overcomes the limitations of existing product images (general pictures) by 3D modeling actual products or CAD drawings, as well as pursuing image upgrades for marketing purposes. If you have successfully committed to product development, you can make your product images stand out. A photo alone is not enough to explain products fully. 3D images emphasize product features and make them look real.

Find beauty from figures of parts that looked dull once, and make people take the products in different ways-what wants to achieve. We will capture the beauty of things nobody has noticed and convert them into depictions everybody will admire. Without distinction among mechanical objects, common items in everyday life, and more, we’re aiming for the best renderings.

Why should you choose

  • Have you experienced product model photographs in low resolution, unlike what you wanted, or pictures that failed in expressing essential features of the components to be applied to marketing work?
  • Go beyond the limitations of simple images and have them transformed into eye-catching images.
  • Apply 3D modeling and take the best PR-friendly images of your products.
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Before | After
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What is 3D modeling?

3D modeling is a process that forms a mathematical depiction of 3-dimensional objects/shapes by using computer software.

The objects created are called ‘3D models,’ which are utilized in various areas of industry.
3D models are all used in movies, TV shows, video games, architecture, construction, product development, science, and the medical industry, among other things, to conduct visualization, simulation, and rendering based on graphic designs.
In the area of manufacture, in particular, 3D modeling software is used for product design, engineering, and concept rendering.

How do you use the services on

Buy readymade images


Go to ‘Store’ and pay after purchasing the images we have already completed and provided.


A download is available immediately after payment.
The download authorization is valid for one year.

Order customized images


On the ‘Send custom order’ page, bring your (drawings of) actual products to us.

Drawings enable the most accurate and detailed renderings.
The fee depends on your materials and the difficulty of work.


3D modeling is in progress

Modeling is conducted by disassembling a product unit or examining drawings to understand the model structure.
In the event that no drawing is provided and disassembly is not allowed, only modeling of the exterior appearance is created.


Completion of 3D modeling

Discussions from interim meetings and reference materials are applied in order to complete the modeling closest to the actual unit.


Printing after conversion to images

In order to make the image stand out, additional touches are made to the finalized 3D model to modify material texture, position, and more.